Our story

We all see that many things in healthcare can be done differently, smarter. That is why we introduce doccs: your GP at your fingertips.

You want to be and stay healthy. But if you need care, you want to determine with the doctor which care you need. You also want to go at a time suitable for you and avoid having to do things twice.

If necessary, you want direct contact with someone you trust and who will really help you. Like a good, experienced general practitioner. Good care starts with the right attention. Attention to the complaint and attention to the person behind the complaint.

With doccs you have care with personal attention at your fingertips. You can ask questions 24 hours a day via the app. But you can also make an appointment with your doccs general practitioner (or one of the other general practitioners from the doccs network). You can often see a doctor the same day. And you can indicate whether you want an appointment by telephone, video or if you prefer to visit the doctor’s office.

Every contact is time well spent. At doccs we prepare well for every appointment. After all, the appointment will cost you and the doctor valuable time. That is why we ask you the very first questions about your care request via the app. The assistant can also ask you additional questions before the appointment, or you can ask the assistant. This way, the GP is well informed in advance and you do not have to tell your story over and over again.

It is often best to go to the doctor for treatment. Your doccs general practitioner is easily accessible, you can easily make an appointment and moreover, treatment at the doccs general practitioner is exempted from deductible excess. Sometimes it is preferred the doctor refers you to the hospital or another healthcare provider. That is also easy to arrange via the doccs app.

doccs | your GP at your fingertips
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