Driving license inspection BE

At doccs Slotervaart you can have a driving license inspection done for your BE driving license.

Make an appointment

For an appointment, please call 020-2184455, or email info@doccs.nl.

You should bring the following to the consultation:

  • Your current driver’s license
  • Your own statement (completed) with the letter from the CBR with the ZD code (care domain code)
  • Your glasses / contact lenses if you have them
  • A clean jar of urine (maximum 2 hours old, you can pick up a jar from us)
  • Your medication list (you can request this from your pharmacy)

After the consultation

After the consultation, we request that you pay the amount per pin / apple pay. We charge € 50 for a consultation.

After a consultation, a medical examiner is not allowed to make a statement about your fitness to drive. The inspection report is sent to the CBR, which will then make a statement about your fitness to drive. The CBR therefore communicates about the follow-up of the inspection.

For further information, please refer to I need a medical examination for my driving license | Thuisarts (Dutch language only).

doccs patients are referred to another independent medical examiner

The advice of the KNMG is that medical examinations can only be performed by an independent doctor. Unfortunately, we cannot approve our registered patients. We are happy to refer you to another medical examiner.