• Rick van den Helder

    My name is Rick van den Helder and I live with my wife in Amsterdam. I have been working as a doctor for almost 10 years now, becoming a GP in early 2022. Before becoming a GP, I gained experience in surgery, burn care, geriatrics and worked for a time on an online platform with surgical training.

    To me, health means more than ‘absence of disease’ and is about how you feel in your body, how you feel emotionally/psychologically and whether you manage to perform the roles you have set yourself. Taking good care of my overall health myself is an important part of living a long and happy life for me and I will always try to look at your health and resilience from this point of view too.

    Feel welcome with any question or concern you have and I will look at how I can help or advise you with commitment, compassion and sincerity.

    BIG no.: 29919345901

  • Eveline Snijder

    I have been a physician since 2017, graduated from the University of Groningen. I then gained work experience in gastrointestinal, liver diseases (Noordwest Hospital Group), oncology (Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital) and geriatrics (Me-doc). I have been working as a general practitioner since 2023. What makes the GP profession so fascinating for me is the unprecedented diversity of challenges and situations, both in the medical field and in contact with patients. It is with enthusiasm that I now fulfill my role at doccs, at the Slotervaart and Amstel III locations. My dedication lies in the pursuit of optimal care for my patients, and I see doccs’ innovative approach as a valuable means of achieving this goal.

  • Jacolien Zwager

    My name is Jacolien and I live with my boyfriend in Hilversum. I have been working in care since I was seventeen. Over the years, I have worked in disability care and in hospitals, where I gained experience in different departments. Since 2019, I have graduated as a nurse practitioner, where I look at patients on both a medical and nursing level. I have a special interest in lifestyle and vitality, which I see as important components of health in general.

    I made the switch to doccs because I would like to provide more personalised care in a small team. In addition, there is a lot of thought at doccs about how to keep care easily accessible for everyone now and in the future, which I think is important.

  • Roshnie Mithoe

    I am Roshnie Mithoe, born and raised in Amsterdam and now working as a doctor’s assistant for 12 years. I have gained a lot of experience at various GP practices, health centers and hospitals throughout the Netherlands. At doccs, I work alternately at the Amstel III and Slotervaart locations. Because patients can manage their medical questions, repeat prescriptions and appointments via the app, we can help them quickly and well. That’s why I like working at doccs.

  • Veronica Kroon

    My name is Veronica Kroon and I work and live in Amsterdam. As a change from my own practice as an integrative counsellor, I work 1.5 days a week as a POH-GGZ at doccs Amstel III. What attracted me to work at doccs is having a nice team of colleagues and the approachable way of working in contact with patients. For me, the patient comes first: what does someone need to move forward and feel good about themselves?

  • Jasmine Meechan

    I am Jasmine Meechan and have been working at doccs since September 2021 as an administrative and patient service assistant at our Slotervaart and Amstel III locations. I worked largely in tourism before this, so GP care was completely new to me. In my work, I have always had to deal with customers rather than patients, but because of this I always find giving a bit of service important. Doccs is a fun, young and modern practice, where you can get in touch with patients quickly and easily by using the app.

  • Alice van Wilgenburgh

    My name is Alice van Wilgenburgh and I live with my husband and two children in Aalsmeer. I worked in tourism for 27 years and then thought it was time to change course. I have been working three days at doccs as an administrative and patient service assistant in the front office since 2022. I work in the practice in Slotervaart and in Amstel III. Doccs is a young and dynamic organization with a fun and enthusiastic team. Within my job, no day is the same and that makes it a lot of fun.

  • Sanne Quarles van Ufford

    I am Sanne Quarles van Ufford and live in Utrecht. Since the start of doccs, I have been working as a manager across the various locations we now have. In this, I mainly focus on IT issues, app development, human resources, work processes and practice set-up. Besides working at doccs, I am active at a football club on the board and on the pitch.

    A working day at doccs is never the same. Every day there are planned and unplanned things to be picked up. You are constantly switching between things that have priority or can wait. Some flexibility is useful in this; it makes the days fun and challenging! And a friendly and ambitious team makes that even better.

  • Karin Meulenkamp