• Mariëtte Willems

    My name is Mariëtte Willems and I live with my husband and children in Haarlem. I have enjoyed working as a GP since 2010, after having worked in child and adolescent psychiatry for seven years. Personal contact, attention to what is important to you and GP care as much as possible according to scientific insights, are central to me. I combine my work as a GP with work as a healthcare ICT advisor, because with technology and innovation we can deliver even better care.

    BIG nr.: 79055265201

  • Michel de Wit

    My name is Michel de Wit and I live in Utrecht together with my partner. After working in the hospital for several years in the cardiology and clinical geriatrics departments, I finally made the choice to become a general practitioner. I did my education in Utrecht and have been working as a general practitioner since 2020. doccs pays attention to your personal wants and needs, and their innovative approach allows them to quickly provide high-quality care. That has been my main motivation to join the doccs team.

    I practice the full width of the general practitioner profession, with special attention to cardiovascular diseases and geriatric medicine.

    Michel de Wit (1989)

    BIG no.: 79917828101


  • Naomi Cheuk Alam

    I am Naomi Cheuk Alam. I live in Utrecht with my husband and my daughter. I studied in Rotterdam and in Utrecht. I have been working as a general practitioner since 2019, which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful profession there is! The best thing about the profession is the contact with patients, something that I believe can only be improved with digitization and new ideas. I am therefore looking forward to working on this with doccs!

    Within the profession of GP, my passion lies with gynaecology and psychiatry.

  • Joris van der Togt

    My name is Joris van der Togt, and I live with my girlfriend in Den Bosch.
    After my training in Maastricht and Amsterdam, I have been working as a general practitioner since 2017. I have always been interested in developments in healthcare, where digital developments in particular are becoming increasingly important. I think that innovations and digital developments should go hand-in-hand with personal contact with the patient. That was one of the reasons why I started working as a general practitioner at doccs; attention to the patient, with innovations to improve care.

    Joris van der Togt (1985)
    BIG 49916156901