• Vincent van Vugt

    My name is Vincent van Vugt. I am proud to work as a GP in Nieuw-West, the neighborhood I lived in for 7 years. I currently live in Leiden with my wife. As a GP, my goal is to provide personal care, focused on your specific needs and circumstances. I believe in an evidence-based approach, following the most recent scientific insights. Aside from being a GP, I’m also active as an epidemiologist and researcher at the Amsterdam UMC. Within the GP research field, I mainly aim at improving treatment of vertigo. Both as a GP and a researcher, I value the use of digital innovation in medicine. I believe digital tools can help strengthen the connection between patient and GP. That was the reason for me to join doccs. I am looking forward to meeting you at our practice.

    BIG nr. 49916112001 | LinkedIn | Wetenschappelijk profiel

  • Michel de Wit

    My name is Michel de Wit and I live in Utrecht together with my partner. After working in the hospital for several years in the cardiology and clinical geriatrics departments, I finally made the choice to become a general practitioner. I did my education in Utrecht and have been working as a general practitioner since 2020. doccs pays attention to your personal wants and needs, and their innovative approach allows them to quickly provide high-quality care. That has been my main motivation to join the doccs team.

    I practice the full width of the general practitioner profession, with special attention to cardiovascular diseases and geriatric medicine.

    Michel de Wit (1989)

    BIG no.: 79917828101


  • Maike Olsman