• Chantalle Burgers

    I am Chantalle Burgers, with my husband and three sons I live near Den Bosch.

    As a GP, I find it important to contribute to the optimal well-being of others. To do this to the best of my ability, I have trained in lifestyle medicine in addition to being a GP.

    Within doccs, I also provide special lifestyle consultations. Within these lifestyle consultations we look at stress, exercise, meaning, sleep and nutrition, among other things, to increase your vitality and well-being.

    BIG nr.: 09914691101

  • Joris van der Togt

    My name is Joris van der Togt, and I live with my girlfriend in Den Bosch.
    After my training in Maastricht and Amsterdam, I have been working as a general practitioner since 2017. I have always been interested in developments in healthcare, where digital developments in particular are becoming increasingly important. I think that innovations and digital developments should go hand-in-hand with personal contact with the patient. That was one of the reasons why I started working as a general practitioner at doccs; attention to the patient, with innovations to improve care.

    Joris van der Togt (1985)
    BIG 49916156901