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In order to provide adequate care and attention to our patients, we register a limited number of patients per week. You can fill out the registration form and we will register you in order of application. This may take a few weeks.

Until then, we will not be able to help you with your health care questions and ask you to contact your current GP with any complaints. If you need a doctor right now, we advise you to register with another practice.

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  • In order to provide the best service, we might have to initially place you in a queue before processing your registration

    Ideally, we would want to accept you as our patient immediately on the day of registration. However, when many patients register at the same time, we choose to place some patients on a waiting list. Inviting patients in small steps allows us to give you our full attention and to be there when you need us. This way, we can ensure that we provide the high standard healthcare that we are proud of. Once we have confirmed your registration, you will become a valid patient at our practice. Until then, please continue seeing your current GP.

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    In order to process your registration, agreement to data processing by doccs is required. For more information on data processing, please refer to our Privacy policy. The doccs app is part of your registration with our GP practice.
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